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“My golf game was in need of an overhall for some time due to perpetuating bad habits as evidenced by poor ball striking and lack of consistency. In the fall of 2012, a buddy of mine said that he had had good success with a new golf instructor who had played professionally. So I took my first lesson with Danny Mijovic. He was able to break down my inconsistencies and make needed changes including my grip, setup and approach to the hitting area all in the first lesson. Through patience and reinforcement during follow-up lessons, he showed me that I could be rehabilitated as a golfer. It was fun hitting the ball with power and direction again. I now call Danny the “Golf Whisperer.” Danny is the golf instructor that I would wholeheartedly recommend to any golfer looking for improvement.”
John Jarman, King’s Riding Golf Club
“Hi Everyone,
Have just finished a series of lessons with Danny Mijovic. He is teaching out of Kings Riding and King Valley GC .. both in Aurora, north of Toronto. Great guy, simple ideas, very positive gentleman that knows the golf swing inside and out. He has quite a resume as well. Has played in 3 (and made cut in) three British Opens, former winner of Canadian Amateur, etc.

Still a great player .. he just won the Ontario Senior PGA. What I liked most about our lessons is that he is the first guy I have worked with that was able to diagnose what was causing flaws and then he had the ability to explain it clearly .. and handle a myriad of questions. I won’t get into the 4 or 5 things he has me working on but my ball striking has improved dramatically in the last 6 weeks. And now when I screw up .. I know why. Look him up if you want some fresh ideas or a new set of eyes.”

User “CARDY”, GolfWRX Golf Digest Forums
“No matter what your handicap and whether you need to correct a “fatal flaw” (like me) or just some fine tuning, Danny Mijovic is like no other golf instructor I have every worked with. His intimate knowledge of the golf swing, his ability to “make it simple,” his patience, his follow up notes and the odd PGA Tour story make for enjoyable and big time game improvement lessons.”
Craig Mather, King’s Riding Golf Club
“It is of my utmost pleasure to introduce and endorse Danny Mijovic.

I have known Danny both professionally and personally for over twenty years. Danny has always put others before his own personal needs. In other words Danny always epitomizes “service above self.”

Danny has an exceptional knowledge on the fundamentals of a repeating golf swing that can be passed on to others. And as such coupled with his worldly travels has, the personality and expertise to explain and pass on his knowledge to others.

I have found him to always being on “top of his game” socially as well as professionally and as such would without exception recommend him for teaching and good will, with all who are fortunate to experience his company and services.”

Fred M. Settle Jr., CEO International Golf Services
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From the tee box to the green, award-winning Danny Mijovic will polish your game.

Through his years as a professional golfer and student of the game, Danny has developed a unique coaching philosophy to help clients approach the game like a pro and appreciate golf in an entirely new way.

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