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Whether you’re looking for private or group lessons, Danny Mijovic tailors the experience to best suit your needs. His effective approach to improving your game relies on principles of patience, timing, and coordinating your active skills and awakening your passive talents.

Danny’s observational acumen has provided the feedback and training to drastically improve his existing and long-term clients. With 30+ years of professional golf experience Danny is backed by knowledge as well as the skills necessary to have contended with some of the best golfers of his generation.

Book a lesson today to polish and refine your existing golf skills and awaken your new game.

Private Lessons

Danny Mijovic’s professional career has earned him numerous titles and a distinguished reputation. His illustrious resume includes the title of 4-time All American as well as participating in two U.S. Opens and three Open Championships.

Danny has spent years honing his skills and expertise as an instructor and is available for private lessons. Here, he can assist in tightening up your short game, bunker play, putting while simultaneously providing insight into the analytical-side of golf.

By following Danny’s advice and practice there’s no limit to the improvement you can experience. Book a private lesson today by Contacting Danny at 416-803-5946 or contacting him online.

Danny’s approachable personality and adept eye-for-detail will guide your movements and angle or approach to gain the confidence all great players own.

Group Lessons

Danny Mijovic is always keen to share his professional insight into golf with players of all talent levels as well as accommodate groups of any size. His wealth of knowledge and years of tutelage will provide newcomers to the sport with the foundation needed to develop into a well-rounded player. For those who have been playing for years, Danny’s discerning eye can identify key areas to refine and balance their game.

Group lessons offer players the opportunity to learn-by-example and draw in practical advice by observing their peers as Danny provides feedback and instructions throughout. His concise feedback is put to work and tested until every member of the group has mastered the skills and is able to apply them in an effective manner on the course.

Danny can be contacted at 416-803-5946 or online for booking information.

Booking a lesson with Danny is a tried-and-tested process to learn and hone your game to impress friends, colleagues, and contenders alike.

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